Empowering Every Educator

Helping educators get the funds they need

Every year, countless educators like you reach into your own pocket to buy supplies for your classroom. TeacherGiving is dedicated to changing that with our simple yet powerful crowdfunding platform and payment app.

Simplify Fundraising

We understand that fundraising can be difficult and sometimes doesn’t bring much reward for your hard work. That’s where TeacherGiving comes in. We’re a platform focused solely on one goal: helping you, the educator, to easily collect funds for your classroom needs.

Made for Educators

Designed with your unique funding needs in mind, making it easier than ever to share your story and gather support.

Easy Integration

Your virtual card integrates seamlessly with digital wallets and online retailers, allowing for immediate classroom impact.

Personal Funding Page

You'll get you own, easy-to-share funding page where you can designate different classroom needs for your supporters to give to.

Easy and Secure Setup

A straightforward verification process initiated through text message or email. No complex applications.

Flexible Funding Options

From classroom basics to special projects, control how donations are spent. You direct every dollar received.

Simple Funding, Maximum Impact

Our nominal fee structure means maximum funding goes to your classroom.

Secure & Transparent

Your Classroom, Your Resources

Your vision, your classroom – bring it to life with TeacherGiving. We’re here to support your journey in creating a vibrant learning space. With simple funding solutions, you’re the driving force in enriching education and inspiring young minds.

Join the Movement!

TeacherGiving is rolling out in 2024, exclusively for a select group of educators like you. Don’t miss out – sign up now and stay tuned. We’ll reach out as soon as we’re ready to launch in your area. Join us in this exciting journey!